How to Set Realistic Expectations while Making A Career Change

Expectations play a major role when making a career shift. Coping with the wide career options available in the job market and its requirement is little tough for beginners and experienced. Job satisfaction, good pay package, low pressure of work, etc. are some of the basic expectations a person has while making change over. It's always correct to plan a career change according to expectations, but the fact is they have to be according to the real scenario. The major expectations a person looks for while making a career change is.

Job Satisfaction

The majority of people, may be from any part of a globe needs contentment from the job they do. Primarily, job can be pursued happily if you like the working environment. If the job gives a good exposure according to your desire, you feel satisfied. This also gives a chance to enhance the skills you have.

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is depended on many other factors like position that you hold if you are given proper seniority and leadership time to time, if you have good and helping colleagues, etc. There are always ifs and buts for these expectations when you enter any organization. There are chances that you may not be happy with whatever you get initially, but with patience, you may get it in the future.

Good pay package

Financial planning depends on what your income and outflow you have. If a pay package is good,
your outflow can be managed efficiently, and your planning improves. Mental satisfaction is achieved only if work gives proper remuneration. While making a career change you may not get this initially since you are inexperience, but later on the level of expertise improves, as you can get it.

Good Pay Package Best Salary

Less work pressure

Pressure created while working, has a major impact on the individual's work efficiency. Continuous push for work, which is more than individual's capacity, creates dissatisfaction from the work. Eventually, this dissatisfaction may create dislike for the job. Tremendous pressure can create health issues as well. But the reality nowadays is, there is workload everywhere. Always set expectations by considering that work pressure and take measures accordingly while selecting a career change.

Less Work Pressure

Less working hours

Fewer work hours is the major expectation set by everyone. This may help for setting timetable at home, and you may spend more family time. You may also find appropriate time for exercise and personal care. This is possible eventually as experience level grows, but a beginner has to set pragmatic expectations. You may have to wait for extra hours and finish assignment allotted to you. Sometimes you have to accept a job with more work timings and you may not find proper time for your own care. But over the period of time you may balance your work timings with the personal family time.

Less working hours

Other benefits

Job gives a platform for work as well as provides certain benefits to an employee which are other than salary. There may be certain benefits of leave, in which employee may encash the leaves the person has not opted for. Or there may be extra medical leaves, maternity, paternity, etc for the employees welfare in the organization. These leaves play major role of expectations. Benefits can be given in terms of money as well as letters of appreciation.

There may be incentives based on your performance. Also, appreciation letters may be given to employees if they complete certain years of work in organization. This is all availed if few years of experience is achieved.

You, as a beginner often have to work on a probation without medical leave and incentives. These benefits may be given to you after few years of work. You have to wait for benefits and balance yourself without those for some time. Thus, setting realistic expectations.

Expectations and work go hand in hand. But putting them in a realistic manner is essential. Over- expectations at initial phase may ruin your new career and leave you frustrated. Career can be pursued with joy if your expectations are balanced and according to a real scenario.

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